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Windows replacement might not be at the top of your to do list but it should be because it has been simplified greatly by technology and there has also been many advantages associated. Technological researches in the recent past has led to the development of low-emissivity (low-e) glass and films that control heat gain and loss, reduce glare, minimize fabric fading, provide privacy, and occasionally provide added security in wind, seismic, and other high-hazard zones.

Glazing with these coatings are commonly used by new construction and window replacement applications. Without impairing visible light transmission excessively some low-e coatings and solar control films reduce solar heat gain and these include tinted glass and spectrally selective coatings, which transmit visible light while reflecting the infrared portion of sunlight.

simplified Windows Replacement

Types of Glazing

Tinting- compared to all modern window technologies this is one of the oldest. Tinting can reduce solar heat gain during the cooling season by 25 percent to 55 percent and that is under favorable conditions. The chemical properties are altered to produce tinted glass and both glass and plastic laminate may be tinted. The tints absorb a portion of the sunlight and solar heat before it can pass all the way through the window to the room.

Coated glass or films

Spectrally Selective Coatings– infrared light (heat) transmission is reduced by spectrally selective coatings or tints while allowing relatively more visible light to pass through (compared to bronze- or gray-tinted glass).

Spectrally selective glass also absorbs much of the ultraviolet (UV) portion of the solar spectrum therefore for buildings that use daylight for lighting, a spectrally selective window is a good choice.

They function best as the outermost sheet of glazing in a multi-paned window. When combined with a low-e coating Thermal performance is increased

Low-e Coatings– a layer of metal a few molecules thick is what low-e and reflective coatings usually consists of. The amount of solar heat gain in the room is affected by the thickness and reflectivity of the metal layer (Low-E coating) and the location of the glass it is attached to directly affect. The use of one or more layers of low-e coatings in products is now common in window manufactures. Adding an additional pane of glass to a window is generally equivalent to any low-e coating.

Low-e coatings reduce IR heat transfer by 5 to 10 times. For the material to reduce the heat transfer from the inside to the outside the emissivity value (a measure of the amount of heat transmission through the glazing or coating) must be lower.

There are three types of low-e coating available which are as follows;

Soft coat– this is applied to the surface of a glass at lower temperatures. It is only used on the inner surfaces of windows which are not exposed to the elements because it is not durable enough to be exposed to the elements.

Hard coat– this is found primarily on storm windows and removable energy panels and is produced by fusing metallic oxide to the hot surface of glass at high temperature during manufacture.

Heat mirror– this is a proprietary product that’s applied to a thin polyester sheet suspended between the two panes of dual pane window. The coating reflects radiant heat while the sheet decreases heat loss by splitting the air space in two.

The usual delay for window replacement has to be with making the decision to remove a window type to a new one. Technically the act of replacing your window can be done with so much ease compared to how old houses were installed. With so many choices available to suite whichever situation you are in, changing a window is perhaps the easiest of things to do.

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“Hi John:

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with our new windows. When we have the air conditioning on the house cools down much faster than before. We assume it will do the same the other way around in the winter time when we heat the house. Window cleaning-this job has been cut in half. We also would like to thank the Castle Window People for holding true to the $50.00 bonus check. It was very much appreciated! Keep up the good work!”

Ingrid & John

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“Dear Lou,

It was a pleasure meeting with you to discuss replacing our existing windows. You spent a good few hours explaining what kind of window your company offers and what is the best window for our home. After we signed the contract, as it was promised the windows were ready within a month and we received a call to schedule an installation date. On Tuesday, August 24, 1999 two gentlemen arrived about 8:30 am and we were very impressed by their work since all the work was done nicely in one day. A special thanks to Mike. We definitely recommend Castle “the window people”, Inc. to our friends and family.”

Sincerely Yours,

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“Dear Sirs,

We recently purchased 9 replacement windows with Castle Windows. The install went smoothly and we are very happy with them, so much so that we have ordered another large window for our living room. Marc, our sales rep was very kind and courteous. He didn’t pressure us for a sale and that appealed to us tremendously. Everyone was very kind, from the sales office, measurement technician to the installers. They all showed much professionalism. The clean up was done correctly and the windows were completed by early afternoon. We would definitely recommend Castle Windows to anyone who is in the market for replacement windows.”

Yours truly,

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“Dear Manager, Just a note of thanks and to inform you of our satisfaction with the installation of our new “Bay Window”(Installation on 2-24-04). The young men Hughie and Scott who installed the window were very punctual and courteous. It was obvious from our observations they were extensively trained in this field and took pride in their work. It truly left a lasting impression on us, and we would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone we know who might be interested. In this day and age when you hear so many negatives, it great to be able to convey some positives. Also not to forget your sales rep Ridge, who did a great job explaining to us just what this window is made of & what to expect from it. Many Thanks & May God Bless all the employees there.”


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“Dear Castle Windows:

It was a pleasure having chosen Castle to install my entire top floor of windows. Not only were the workers courteous, but also did a great job installing the windows and cleaning up afterwards. I was very pleased with the level of work and professionalism your company displayed the entire time. Your company will be recommended to all my relatives and friends with the highest regards! Thank you for making my window replacement project a smooth one!”


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