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Dear Management,

My garden window was installed, on May 30, just a little under 4 weeks ago. As you well know, time and weekends are very valuable and I hate waiting for deliveries and/or installation quotes that take up your whole day. Noted: per the confirm installation call company representative quoted time of arrival the Castle crew arrived within the allotted time quoted. My window was installed within a (3) hour timeframe moreover they left everything clean. “THIS IS A PLUS, NO CLEAN UP FOR ME”.

I live in a neighborhood close knit, when one of my neighbors saw the work crew unload the window, all she could only say was WOW! With a big smile, “I can’t wait to see it!” Moreover, she loves the window and how it opens on the sides too.

This house had the perfect spot for a garden window but I waited long because everyone I priced was too expensive. Your company’s deposit and payment policy has made it very affordable; now my passion has been satisfied.

In addition, the light that it brings into the kitchen is marvelous. Sheldon (your district regional sales manager) was so right my plants love the window and they do look healthier.

I just have to express how pleased I am that I ordered your garden window; now on Saturday mornings while I enjoy my cup of tea I now spend more time at the kitchen table. Your window not only brings in extra light, it also brings the outdoors in. Now I have a clear view of the whole backyard. So much so, I caught a look at the gofer that has been eating my flowers and now I know how he gets in the yard.

My message to only one that reads my letter, and/or sees the same Ad that I saw; take a chance; and look at what Castle Windows has to offer, you will not be disappointed.

M. Walker, Rumford, RI

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