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Trey and Jessica B

Hello Castle Team,

We would love to provide some feedback on our experience with our window installation.

We chose Castle Windows because we were impressed by the company’s commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the window’s entire lifetime, not just the installation. We were a little nervous after our first introduction to the company that the promises made seemed a little too-good-to-be-true, but so far in our relationship with Castle, we have been nothing but pleased.

Everyone we have worked with – the sales rep, the appointment scheduler, the technicians – has been kind and helpful. The team that installed our windows even left the floor cleaner than it was before they got here. We’ve even had to test our warranty once with a cracked window. The team came out and replaced it without the hassle of a back-and-forth to determine who’s responsibility it was or any financial obligation on our end as might be the case with another window company.

We also love that Castle is willing to work with our financial situation and offers the ability to purchase windows for our entire home in small amounts instead of all at once. That has been a great perk for us as we are trying to save up for multiple obligations. We are in the process now of ordering our next set of windows. Again it has been so easy to set up an appointment and we know that once we give the go ahead, Castle Windows will take care of the rest for us. It has been a huge relief to know that no matter what hiccups may occur in our home improvements, Castle has a handle on our windows.

Thanks so much Castle Team for everything you do! You are always a pleasure to work with!

Trey and Jessica B
Nokesville, VA