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This Window Does not Fit Properly

This window does not fit properly.

Side and Top Expanders Ensure a Perfect Fit2

Our Side and Top Expander system will allow
the window to sit perfectly in the opening
even if the opening is out of square.

Stress Crack in Thin Glass2

Stress Crack in Thin Glass

Our Glass is much Thicker than the Industry Standard

Double Strength glass will prevent
the glass from Stress cracks.

Bowing of Sash Due to Lack of Metal Reinforcement

Bowing of Sash Due to Lack of Metal Reinforcement

Metal Reinforcement added to the Window

Metal Chassis are added to the window to
provide strength and prevent bowing of
the window over time.

This Window WAS Brown There is Massive Fadding due to the Lack of CAP-STOCK

This Window WAS Brown There is Massive
Fading due to the Lack of CAP-STOCK

Brown Window with CAP-STOCK
CAP-STOCK application will prevent a Brown
Window from Fading

Window with Failed Seal

Window with a Failed Seal

Picture of a Castle Window after a Fire in the CT office2

Can your windows do this? This window was
one of many surviving windows in a warehouse
fire reaching temperatures of over 1200 degrees. Still, the seal
did not fail!

Uniform Discoloration in a Recycled Vinyl Window (2)

Recycled Vinyl windows will discolor over time.

Our Windows Will NOT Discolor Over Time2

Castle Windows will always maintain their color
and appearance for years to come.


Castle Windows Can Withstand Wind
Loads Up to 171 MPH

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