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Category : Connecticut


“Dear Mr. Friedman:

My Castle Window installation was completed on December 14, 2006. I would like to commend your employee, Joe Happy, who installed and completed the work on all twenty-four windows.

Joe is an excellent worker. Spanning my 81 years of age, and the fact that over the years this is the 13th dwelling in which I have resided, I have come across many, many workers over the years.

In Joe, you have a gem! He is one of the neatest workers I have ever encountered. It is easy to see that he takes pride in what he does-quite unusual in today’s world. To quote an old saying, “Joe is neat as a pin!” Each day he left his supplies in my garage in a most orderly fashion.

Joe was always very polite and respectful. On the two days when he was ill, he called me each morning to tell me he would not be coming to Norwalk.

As a former teacher (long, long ago) Joe’s workmanship and performance rates an A+! Thank you for making the installation of the windows a most pleasant experience.”

Most Sincerely,
Madelyn B
Norwalk, CT

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“Dear Ron:

Wanted to send you a brief note and thank you for the recent work done in my condominium.

From the very beginning when Paul Moore came over to assess and quote the price for replacement windows and storm doors, to your visit measuring the windows, through the window installation, my appreciation to all for a job well done.

Last Wednesday, January 30, 2002, the installation was arranged. Deb, in your office, informed me that the installers would be there between 9 and 10 a.m. Shortly before 10 a.m. Ken Pelletier called to inform me of a delay. Ken and Steve Pelletier worked from 11a.m. through 4:15 p.m. It’s my understanding that they had their own business prior to working for Castle six months ago. It is obvious from their workmanship and time spent that they were experts in window installation. They make it look so easy!

The quality and installation of the windows look and work great. I am impressed with both the product and expertise. I particularly appreciated the fact that the installation was done from outside in so that that the interior molding was not disturbed. Our neighbor has already approached me for more information about Castle, and I anticipate that others will follow.

Once our condo association gives me full clearance (as they are new and we are currently in a home improvement suspension mode), not only will I call you to complete the installation of storm doors, but I also intend to have you come to measure and quote four more windows for future installation.”

Claire G

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“To whom it may concern:

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the work done by your installers at my house on February 10th and 11th. They were professional and they did a great job installing my windows (which look great) and they were also very thorough in cleaning up before they left.

I know from being in the Customer Service line of work how important customer feedback is to the company and to your workers and I hope they are appreciated for the job they do in representing your company each day.”

Florence G
Manchester, CT

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“Dear Mr. Friedman,

Your recent letter asking if we are pleased with our recently installed Castle windows prompts me to write this letter to you. We are more than pleased. This was perhaps the best upgrade that we ever did for our home. The windows are beautiful and have added considerably to the overall value of our home (which is in the $350,000 class). The window quality was all or more than we expected. The two men who installed them were true craftsmen. Pleasant, hardworking and did an excellent job in every way. They and Mr. Sanborn are a credit to your company and represent a reflection of how well you run your company.

Obviously, we are very pleased with the windows and your company. You installed 18 windows and the entire house was done. Your firm also installed all new windows in my sister’s home and I know they are very pleased as well.

It was our pleasure to do business with your company…a firm that more than lived up to what they said they would do. Good luck, we feel fortunate to have found you.”

Frank A
Stamford, CT

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“Dear Sir:

We were very impressed with your sales representative, Rodrey Beaulin. He presented your windows with no pressure. You knew he was selling a quality product that he liked himself.

Rodney is considerate, courteous, polite, and a gentleman. We consider him a friend. We are very pleased with Castle Windows and staff. Your windows have truly made our home a castle fit for a king!”

Very Sincerely,
Ann and Arthur G

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Attn: Mr. Al Gyurko


This week (Monday & Tuesday, the 25th and 26th), I had two Bay Windows installed which I had contracted for and ordered on the 27th of September.

As of this time, I wish to express my complete satisfaction with the quality and appearance of the windows and fully expect that they will perform as well as you described regarding in house temperature control.

Also, I wish to call to your attention the quality of your installation team, (Bryan, Ryan, and Jim). They were very professional in their job performance, polite, concerned with what they were doing, and were a pleasure to have in my home.

Please feel free to use my name as reference to any future clients.”

Thomas U
Trumbull, CT

“P.S. Your telephone receptionist, Debbie, was also a pleasure to deal with!”

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“You guys never cease to amaze me. We had your sales manager come to our house this past Monday. What a great guy. He’s a good reflection of your company.

I ordered six windows and he was extremely helpful. He even took a look in our attic to see how much insulation we have. And, he explained your product with great detail.

I haven’t even had one window put in and I am EXTREMELY pleased with your company. Every contact I have had has been great. I wish other people in the remodeling business could see how you guys run a business. They would learn a lot.

Look forward to working with you.”

Take care,
Harry G

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