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Category : Eastern Pennsylvania

Prepping up for a carpentry type of activity is a lot of fun at times. Also, one should be prepared for working, albeit in a neat and tidy manner for best possible results. Take, for instance, a project for installing vinyl replacements window. For this, one needs the following: new vinyl window, tape measure, small pry bar, silicone caulk, caulking gun, wood shims, drill, level and spray insulation. (more…)

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Dear Rod,

I just had to write this letter to tell you what a fantastic job Domenic and Tom did on my windows. First they showed up on time, these days, that is a great accomplishment. They took their time to do the job right. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful service.”


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Dear Sir,

We recently had Castle Windows installed. They are so easy to operate and when cleaning time comes it will be a breeze. The installers did a great job. They work so well together and were very nice and polite. We are enjoying our new windows!”

Richard & Sheila
North Wales

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Dear Isaac,

Just wanted to let you know that our windows were installed on May 29. They look very nice. The guys that installed the windows did an excellent job installing and cleaning up afterwards. Two days after the windows were installed we had severe winds and a thunderstorm. The windows didn’t leak water and there was no draft. They definitely didn’t rattle. The tops of the trees were taken out and ended up on our roof but the windows survived intact. We are very happy with our decision to install Castle Windows.”

Ned & Beverly

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Dear Castle,

“We recently had 9 windows installed in our home and have been enjoying the “clear view” ever since. The new windows close gently and easily and are easy to clean. We are impressed how they easily click out for emergency escape in fire. Our home is much warmer also this year without the draft seeping through those old wooden windows. The installers were prompt, professional and efficient. Your lifetime guarantee will add to the resale value of our home. Thank you very much!”


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Dear Mike,

“Just a note of grateful thanks for the superior salesmanship and installation of our new windows. We absolutely love them! We didn’t realize what a difference they make to the beauty of the whole house! The windows operate flawlessly. One question I did have, Mike, was what is the description and brand name of the great caulk that the installers used? I would like to purchase about 5 tubes of it. It leaves a wonderful finish, and I’d like to use it around the sliding door onto the deck. Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

Sincerely, A Happy Customer,
King of Prussia

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Eastern Pennsylvania

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