Double Hung Windows


Easily mix and match options, colors, and styles to create the perfect exterior design.


Solid, well-built frame and heavy-duty strength ensure these windows last a lifetime.

Easy to Clean

Tilt-in sashes allow the window to be cleaned from inside of a home.

Energy Efficient

Known for insulation and ventilation, these windows are constructed for maximum efficiency.

Accent your Home

Our double-hung windows have it all—beautiful, traditional design, superior insulation, and maintenance-free construction. The double-pane, double-strength panes of glass are durable & versatile enough for demanding weather.  Furthermore, the tilt-in sashes allow for easy cleaning. Our virgin vinyl construction keeps windows looking pristine for years to come, while the design versatility, durability, premium installation, and tight seal ensure maximum returns for a homeowner.

Our double hung windows also feature dual security locks, designed to enhance strength and security, while reducing air infiltration.

Design Friendly Windows

Our double hung windows come complete with a range of options, and can be customized to a homeowner’s exact specifications.  The variety of design options available provide the ability to build or match any aesthetic.   Perfectly accentuate your existing design or create a custom look from scratch with our double hung windows.

Castle Windows Double Hung Windows

Industry-Leading Durability

Our Super-Energy-Saver double hung windows are engineered with a list of built-in features, designed to improve durability and security.  The double-pane, double-strength panes of glass are strong & versatile, while the windows perform well against wind, rain, debris and heat.  Low-e glass, and argon gas fills ensure efficiency and durability. Our double hung windows even come complete with our industry-leading lifetime warranty, ensuring they remain a staple of your home for decades.

Easy Cleaning & Caring

Ultimately, proper window cleaning can lengthen material lifespan and highlight both exterior and interior design. Our double hung windows are incredibly easy to clean and care for, ensuring your windows can always look brand new.  While some older windows must be cleaned and maintained from the exterior of a home, double hung windows’ tilt-in sashes allow a homeowner to clean them from the inside easily and safely.

How to Clean Double Hung Windows

We recommend cleaning your double hung windows 2-3 times per year.  An easy and efficient way to do this is to simply take a soft cloth and rub the frame down with dish soap and water.  Be sure to tilt the sash inward, at which point you can clean it with a soft towel in a matter of minutes.  That’s it.  You’re done!

woman opening castle windows blinds

Energy Efficiency Saves Dollars

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that windows are responsible for 25-30% of residential heating and cooling costs.  This means that by replacing outdated windows, a homeowner can expect to save dollars through lower energy bills. These energy savings come as a result of the insulation, ventilation, U-Factor and Low-E glass that our windows provide.  Not only do these factors ultimately result in energy savings for a homeowner, but they help ensure your home stays comfortable in every season. That means no more winter sweaters in the living room.

Why Castle Windows?

Castle Windows’ lifetime guarantee ensures that all of our windows are built to last. While other window manufacturers may claim to have lifetime warranties, the fine print usually states otherwise. At Castle Windows, there is no fine print. No matter what kind of Double Hung window you choose,  Castle Windows has you covered for life. Reach out today to speak to one of our window experts!

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