Let’s face it, cleaning is just a fact of life. Most, if not all of us, have to do it nearly everyday. Throwing trash away, wiping down the counter– even the easy stuff can be a burden when you’re doing it over and over again. Truth is, it will never let up. As long as people are there, a mess will follow. The trick is learning how to keep up with that mess without breaking a sweat.  

1. Work top to bottom

dust cleaning

When it’s time to start cleaning your home, we recommend working from top to bottom. If you keep in a routine like this, not only will it keep you focused, but it saves you from having to go back over spots you already cleaned. Having a cleaning routine in general can be great for keeping you on the task at hand. I’m sure we’ve all gone to do the dishes before and ended up reorganizing all the cabinets. It’s easy to get distracted when there’s so much to be done. Additionally, you don’t want to vacuum the floors only to realize you have to dust off all your surfaces onto your freshly cleaned floor. Working top to bottom will save you from all kinds of headaches! 

2. Steam cleaning microwave

Cleaning microwave

We know this might sound a bit fancy. Usually any kind of steam cleaning involves special equipment and maybe even a few people who know how to use that special equipment. Of course, this is just a cubic foot of space so how expensive could it really be? The answer is “free.” Well, “free” in that you don’t have to buy anything you don’t already have.

The best way to steam clean a microwave is to fill a mug about a quarter of the way with water. Next add some dish soap and half a lemon to it and pop it in your microwave for a couple of minutes. As the water heats up it will steam the inside of your microwave with grease cutting, lemony goodness. Once the timer beeps, just wipe it all down and you’re good to go. You’ll never clean your microwave any other way!

3. Removing water rings on wood furniture 

Cleaning ring marks

Ah, those pesky water rings on beautiful wood furniture will be our downfall. It seems you never notice until it’s too late. However, is there really a “ too late” for water rings? We used to think so, but lucky for everyone that’s not the case. There are a few ways to remove water rings from your wood furniture, and it all depends on the age of the stain. 

If it only just happened, you can dry it out with heat. First get your clothing iron and empty any water that might be in there, we don’t want to introduce more moisture to your wood. Next, place a cloth over the stain to protect the wood and apply your heated iron in brief spurts. Work as if you are ironing out the stain, careful to not let it rest on any one spot too long. Check in periodically to see if it’s done the trick! 

If it doesn’t do the trick, it might be time to turn to your kitchen pantry for the answer. Believe it or not, your average jar of mayonnaise has been known to remove a water stain or two. All you have to do is dab some mayonnaise directly onto the stain, fully coating it, and let it sit. You’ll have to be a bit more patient with this method as it will have to sit for at least 2 hours, or you could even let it go overnight. The oil in the mayonnaise works to displace the moisture in your wood. Once the timer is up, wipe away the mayonnaise and give your furniture a good polish. You might have to give this method a few tries before the stain is fully gone, but it’s a great way of repurposing household items!

4. Window Cleaning

Cleaning dishes

A lot of us tend to put cleaning our windows to the wayside, it’s easy to ignore and there’s much more to be done. However, to keep the integrity of our windows and our view, giving them a quick clean can make all the difference. At Castle, we like to use our own recipe for DIY window cleaner. It’s healthy, affordable and smells great! All you need is rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, cornstarch, essential oils, and of course water. The essential oils are optional, but there’s nothing like getting to pick your own favorite “clean” smell. 

For this next bit, you can use whatever glass cleaner you like. Whether it’s our diy recipe or your everyday big box glass cleaner, it will get the job done! When it’s time to clean your windows, wait until the sun is set. Yes, you read that right. It doesn’t have to be completely dark outside, but you want to avoid direct sunlight at all costs. When you clean windows in direct sunlight, the heat causes the cleaner to evaporate before you can properly wipe it away– causing streaks. Another hot tip for cleaning your windows, use a waffle knit microfiber cloth. It won’t leave dust particles like paper towels are known to do, and the waffle knit will help buff out any tougher spots. 

5. Dusting hard to reach places 

Cleaning ceiling fan

When it’s time to dust all those hard to reach places, all those nooks and crannies, we’ve got you covered. Dusting the blinds on your windows can be a real pain, there are just too many sides and crevices your average duster can’t get to. A great way to get the control you need is by wearing an old sock. Not on your feet of course, but on your hand. You’ll be able to get to every little crack without too much effort! 

Another household item you can use to dust is a pillowcase. Same as the sock, don’t use one you’re particularly fond of. It’s definitely going to get dirty. Pillowcases are great for dusting the blades of a ceiling fan. There’s nothing quite allergy inducing like finally dusting your ceiling fan and sending those dust particles flying. By slipping a pillowcase over each blade and pulling it toward you, the case will catch all the dust particles. Voila! You have a clean ceiling fan and you didn’t sacrifice your sinuses.

6. No-bucket mopping


Cleaning your hard surface floors with a mop and bucket can be great for a deep clean when done properly. But who has time to clean out their mop water that frequently? One of the easiest ways to mop your floors means never taking out a bucket at all. Fill any old spray bottle with your favorite floor cleaning solution. Then, get your mop and soak it in hot water and wring it out. Now, to get clean floors all you have to do is spray your floors as you go. Periodically, rinse and wring out your mop to freshen it up. It really is as easy as that, and you’ll be done cleaning your floors in no time! 

We all have to clean our homes, but hopefully with these hacks we can do it with ease! Follow us on Instagram @CastleWindows and tell us your favorite cleaning hacks. 

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