5 Questions to Ask Before Buying New Windows

Is replacing the windows in your home a project that’s looming overhead? It can seem quite large and intimidating, as you definitely want to make the best choice for you and your dollars. Before you jump into a purchase consider asking yourself and your window representative a few questions to get a better lay of the land. It’s best to be prepared when buying new windows.

How do I know if my windows are ready for replacement?

removing old windows

There are going to be a few signs that the windows in your home are ready to be replaced. Sometimes it’s as easy as just looking at them. Are the frames cracked? Is there condensation on the glass? If you notice moisture between the panes of glass on your windows, this indicates the seals are no longer working. This ultimately means your heat and air conditioning is quite literally going out the window. A failed window seal is failed energy efficiency and will lose you money in the long run.

Other times, you might not see the physical ramifications of a faulty window, but you’ll feel it. Give your windows a good inspection to potentially identify any drafts. You can do this a number of ways, but a quick and easy method is the “wet hand test.” All you have to do is wet your hand with water and hover along the perimeter of your windows. If there’s a leak you’ll be better able to feel the breeze with the moisture on your hand. See How to Prepare Your Windows for Winter to learn more about identifying leaks.

Should I replace all of my windows at once?

replacing with new windows

While you definitely aren’t required to replace all your windows at once, it will save you money in the long term. Labor and materials can add up! However, that can be a big financial undertaking for some homeowners, so you should stick to a budget that feels right for your situation. 

Another reason you might not want to replace all your windows at the same time is as simple as necessity. Perhaps you’re having trouble with only a few windows but the rest work seamlessly. Maybe you just bought a new home and most of the windows have already been recently replaced save for a few. 

The moral of the story is, if all of your windows need to be replaced and if it works with your budget– go for it. Not only will you save money on labor and materials, but you’ll have one big home project that’s checked off your list. 

What’s the best window style for me?

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When it comes to choosing the best window styles for you, you first need to consider your needs. It’s not just about what’s going to look the best, you want the function of your home to operate flawlessly as well. 

Let’s say you’re replacing all the windows in your home at once, so you have total customization available to you. That’s going to mean different windows in different rooms for different reasons. 

Perhaps you love to cook with fresh herbs, then a garden window in the kitchen is a must have. Or maybe you have a really tiny room that you’d like to feel bigger. Dead-lites and transoms are a great way of opening up a space with limited square footage. Sliders and casement windows are also great options for expanding the feel of any room. 

Your needs are going to vary from room to room, so carefully consider the purpose of each space and then picking a window to fit will be a no brainer!

How do I prepare my home for window replacement?

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So you’ve made the decision to replace your windows and the installers are on their way out. What should you do? Luckily, the majority of your work was done in the decision making stage and it’s time to pass it off to your trusty window installers at Castle Windows. There are a few things you can do to help things go off without a hitch. 

First things first, clear the work area. Remove any furniture and clutter blocking access to the windows. It’s surprisingly easy to forget, but you’ll also need to remove any window dressings. We know they start to become one with the windows after a while, but they’ll only be in the way for your installer. 

Additionally, include removing area rugs and any other tripping hazards in your venture. The same goes for the outside as well. You’ll want to remove any hazardous debris or decor hanging around the outside of the windows in question. Any sculptures, holiday decorations on the exterior work area will need to be moved out of the way.

A good rule of thumb when you have any kind of construction worker in the house is to protect your things from potential damage. Carefully box up your fragile items and cover furniture with a drop cloth. Whether we like it or not, construction can get messy!

What kind of warranty do my new windows come with?

warranty that comes with buying new windows

While every company has their own warranty conditions, at Castle we have a true lifetime warranty. Every single part and piece of your window, from the glass, vinyl, color and installation is guaranteed for a lifetime– service included. See a copy of our warranty here

Making the decision to purchase new windows for your home can be daunting. We hope with the help of this list, that the fog has been lifted. Happy window shopping!

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