Summer is nearly here and you’ve probably thinking about how you’re going to craft the perfect backyard oasis without emptying out your wallet. It’s not necessarily going to be easy, it will likely take hard work and determination. However, with a little elbow grease and creativity you can definitely get the backyard oasis on a budget for summer!

pavers in backyard for summer

Lay Pavers

With the cost of lumber steadily on the rise, that deck you’ve always dreamed of might not exactly be in the budget. While pouring concrete can be more affordable when hiring a professional, pavers might be a better option for you if you’re looking to do it yourself. This one is for the DIYer who’s not afraid to get their hands dirty! 

It’s best to leave pouring concrete to the professionals as it can quickly and easily go awry. However, if you opt to lay pavers yourself, not only does it look nicer than concrete but you can save on labor. You can also more easily fix any mistakes you make along the way compared to pouring concrete on your own. Laying pavers can be a time consuming task and physically demanding– this is for those very serious about sticking to a budget. However, that gorgeous end result and years of enjoyment will surely be payment enough!

Lay an Outdoor Rug

Laying an outdoor rug on a patio or deck can take the average yard space and make it luxurious. Arrange some seating, kick your shoes off and enjoy the breeze through your toes without getting them dirty. 

An added bonus is that if you have damage on your deck or broken stone on your patio, an outdoor rug is an affordable way to conceal that right up. And if your flooring is brand new it will keep it better protected. Outdoor rugs are easy to clean, look wonderful, and will be sure to add comfort to your backyard oasis. 

string lights hung in backyard

Add lighting

With the right ambient lighting, your backyard will completely transform at night. By hanging outdoor string lights in your yard you can cover more ground. This means your next summer soiree will be perfectly lit. It’s simple too– no fancy wiring, just suspending the lights from one tree to the next. And if you don’t have many trees to hang them from, consider installing some two by four posts to get the job done. 

painting backyard fence

Paint your Fence

Installing a new fence around the perimeter of your yard is quite the costly upgrade. It looks beautiful, but at what cost? Well, according to Fixr that cost is, on average, “$4,500 to install 200 linear feet of 4 foot tall cedar wood picket fencing with a gate.” If your yard is bigger than that, you should get ready to pay up to $9,000. 

While installing a brand new fence is a worthwhile investment, it takes some careful financial planning for most. When that’s not in the budget, it’s time for an affordable temporary fix like paint. Paint can be a miracle worker for so many projects around the home, and that old fence of yours is no exception.

First give it a good pressure washing, and then take a few days to roll the paint on. With the right exterior paint your updated fence will look beautiful and last you until it’s in the budget to replace it.

summer landscaping in backyard

Do some standard landscaping

This may be our number one tip for turning your backyard into a summer oasis. It’s simple stuff that often gets overlooked in the hunt for a luxury outdoor space. Before you do any decorating or big projects, take the time to add some simple curb appeal to your home. 

Clear out the garden beds and do some planting. Get pressure washer out to deep clean your siding, walkways and driveway. Dig up weeds and mow the lawn. Really, go for all the usual suspects when it comes to landscaping. They will go a long way in your quest for a backyard oasis on a budget. 

outdoor dining in backyard oasis on a budget

Add an Outdoor Dining Area

Having an exterior space to enjoy your breakfast in the morning, lunch in the afternoon– okay, let’s face it, really any meal of the day– is like a little slice of heaven. Fresh air is vital to our health, and in those warmer months it’s the perfect excuse to do everything outside. Having a table and chairs in your yard makes the possibilities endless. 

If you work from home you can set your work station up at your outdoor table and get hours of fresh air and sunlight. Perhaps you like to write, craft, draw, virtually any activity that requires a stable surface– your backyard dining area can do it all! It’s an all in one dream office and favorite vacation spot. An outdoor dining area is the simplest way to get the backyard oasis on a budget!

backyard oasis on a budget relaxing space

Add a relaxing space 

You can get everything you need done at your outdoor dining table, but what about when you just want to sit back and relax? That’s where the lounge chairs and sun shades come in! A section of your yard like this can either be really simple or really extravagant. The choice is up to you, but we guarantee you will love the results of either option. 

It could be as uncomplicated as hanging a hammock between trees, or constructing a pergola to place a chaise lounge under.  Whatever it may be, just make sure it suits your relaxing agenda. If you always like to have a drink in your hand, be sure to put an end table nearby. If you get sunburned easily or have eyes sensitive to light, set your relaxing space up in the shade. You’re never going to relax if you’re constantly squinting and worrying about a burn. And if you love getting some sun? Well, you know what to do. 

There is nothing quite like the allure of a luxurious backyard oasis. When you see those dollar signs, however, the allure starts to fade. But it doesn’t have to with a little TLC and creativity. Tag us on instagram @CastleWindows in your budget backyard oasis!

backyard oasis on a budget for summer

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