No matter your taste, exterior doors are a focal point of the home. They are easily visible from the curb, serve an everyday purpose, and are paramount when it comes to home energy efficiency, light, home security and even noise pollution. Whether you’re renovating a home or building from the ground up, your exterior doors deserve some attention.

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Types of Doors

When it comes to selecting a new door, there are plenty of ways a homeowner can go, but more often than not, their decision is dependent upon a few factors. The type of material that is used to construct a new door is often the first point of consideration. Material ultimately should coincide with the design style of the home, while also falling within a homeowner’s budget. Different materials come with different price points, so finding the right material to both match and save is key. Another factor that homeowners will take into account is security. Installing a new exterior door with impact windows, upgraded locks, or even a sturdier frame, can provide you with peace of mind, and even lower home insurance premiums. You may even want to scout your neighborhood to find what type of security and style you see on your neighbors’ doors, and then select a door to either match your block, or stand apart.

Naturally, material and security are not the sole consideration points. A homeowner will also take into account personal design choice. So here are 4 types of doors to consider when looking to upgrade your home:

French Doors
Originally used in the 17th century as windows, French Doors are designed to allow exterior light to enter the home. More often than not, French Doors are used to separate the space between two living areas, such as the dining room and living room, or the kitchen and the patio. But recent trends show that people have been using this format on external doors as well. They have glass inserts and provide a feeling of space and connectedness.

Fiberglass Doors
Fiberglass is a type of polymer, reinforced with glass fibers. It’s a lightweight, yet uniquely durable material, that also offers the ability to be molded or shaped. The material itself is very easy to clean, and requires little maintenance when compared to other materials. Fiberglass doors offer great energy efficiency, and grade out as a very secure option for your next project.

Sliding Glass Doors
Your traditional sliding door design often encompasses two panel sections; one stationary, one slide-to-open. This often results in a homeowner saving space within a room, as the radius to open your door does not have to be considered when planning the design of the interior. Sliding doors can also come with Impact glass, just in case your kids decide to pick up soccer.

Paneled Doors
Paneled doors are one of the most common doors found in a residential home. While the frame is made from wood or metal depending on the application, panels can be made and inserted from just about any material. Additionally, glass can be inserted into the top frame of the door, while the body typically consists of two to six panels. Middle rails are also used to divide between the panels. Panel doors are easily customizable, widely-used and relatively affordable.

Door Installation is Cheap & Fast

Now that we’ve covered some options for new doors, we can move on to project budgeting and installation. While the average cost of a door installation process can fall between $500 and $700, this number can go lower or higher depending upon the size, weight and manufacturer of the door. In order to better understand exactly what you’re paying for. A cost and material breakdown can help prepare a homeowner for project budgeting, the possibility for repair, and regular upkeep costs. Doors can typically be broken down into four sections:

Door Knobs
That piece of brass or metal on the door that you use to open it can range from anywhere between $20-$500. Door knobs typically come in bronze, brass, gold, chrome and nickel options, while the price point often reflects the type of material used to make it.

Door Hinges
Door hinges are metal pieces installed to keep a door snug and tight against its frame. They are typically only about $10-15 retail price, making them relatively painless to replace.

Door Jams
These are the two vertical portions of the rectangular frame where you hang your door. Typically new door jams will run you about $40.

Door Glass
The second most expensive part of the door. Glass is slotted directly into a frame and can run anywhere between $75-1000 depending on size, shape and quality.

The overall door installation process can take anywhere from two hours for a single prehung, to ten hours for a double prehung with windows. It all really depends on the size, shape, weight and amount of glass you’re installing. Luckily, doors are something that can be self-installed as well. It really comes down to how much time you are willing to spend on a project, and what your remaining budget is after purchasing the materials.

New Doors Improve Security, Lower Energy Bills

Every home improvement project comes with variables. How much time will it take to install a new door? Does this home improvement project improve my property value? Does it impact daily life? One of the first things a new door will impact is the curb-side value of your home. A brand new door will aesthetically improve the exterior of your home, and is one of the rare parts of a house that we use every day.

The next benefit of installing a new door would be increased security. If your old door is lightweight, broken down, or even starting to deteriorate, chances are the structural integrity is compromised. Not only can this put the overall structure of the house in jeopardy, but it can also be a huge security liability. Loose or unsecure doors make it easier for a burglar to gain access to your home, and are more likely to allow water seepage and outside elements inside during a storm. A new door can be heavier, sturdier, and even feature industry leading deadbolts or Impact glass. All of these things not only improve the overall security of your home in the event of a storm, disaster, or potential break in, but add to the resale value of your home. Safety first.

Front Doors that Lower Energy Bills Castle Windows

Another benefit of installing a new door is lower energy bills. A new door that is solid, well built, and installed snugly into the door frame can provide superior levels of insulation. That means no more hallway drafts or random cold spots on the first floor. Ultimately, a well insulated door will keep your AC in, and weather out. This means if you’re running it in the summer, you can shut it off a little sooner. It also means no more hoodies in the living room during those winter months. While this can ultimately improve comfort, it also saves homeowners valuable dollars on their energy bills. Win-win.

A factor to consider when buying a new door is its longevity and durability. Buying a solid front door and installing it properly can also mean less cleaning, less upkeep, less maintenance, and less dollars. For doors that grade out strongly for life-span, it likely means you will be making a one time purchase, which means you can check that off the list when going to re-sell your home.

Castle Windows continues to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to entry door innovation and installation. Each door is carefully inspected to ensure quality, longevity, and unmatched security. Meanwhile, every legacy textured steel and fiberglass door goes through a five-step paint finishing system to ensure the finish remains in prime condition. Contact them today to speak to their door experts!

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