Interior design, like all art and fashion, is an ever changing tapestry. With the internet and the popularity of social media, that’s never been more true. Things move fast out there! What’s cool one week, is old news the next. Now that we’re more than half way through the year, it’s time to check in on the most popular interior design trends of 2022 so far. 


Some things will always be true– death, taxes and of course, change. Many times, with fashion and design especially, that change is influenced by the generations that came before. The kids are wearing butterfly clips like they did in the early aughts, you say? Well, the adults are decorating their homes with velvet couches and wallpaper, like they did in the seventies. What comes around, goes around and back again.

In recent years, with sustainable choices becoming ever popular, so has shopping in thrift stores. According to the 2021 Resale Report, “in 2020, 80 percent of consumers said they were open to purchasing second hand products, a 16 percent increase from 2019.” This shopping choice is also a big reason why home decor pieces from the sixties and seventies have made a major comeback. If the good ones haven’t already been snagged up yet, a trip to the thrift store could mean a beautiful vintage piece for your home. 


Through the decades, interior design elements that are inspired by nature have always persevered. Things like wood, stone and plants can be seen in homes across generations. The natural trends for this year lean toward an earthy toned color palette– with the colors like greens, mustard and terracotta popping up all over the place.  

Our homes are not only inspired by and reflect nature, sometimes they are nature as well. It’s more popular to own a plant than ever before, with House Plant Resource Center calling Millenials and Gen-Z “The Plant Crazy Generation.” 

Plants will compliment every interior design style while adding a little more life to the space. Plus, there’s something quite fulfilling about seeing your plants bloom and thrive. 

High Tech

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Oftentimes, a “high tech” interior design choice is associated with the neutral cool tones, clean lines and contemporary style. While this can be true a lot of the time, the high tech lifestyle is becoming more and more accessible, so it’s not always the case anymore. If you identify more with the trending interior design of 2022, you can easily incorporate cool technology into your home, without sacrificing style. 

In fact, some technology was built for style, such as Samsung’s The Frame. The Frame is a smart TV elegantly designed to blend with your home’s decor by transforming into a piece of art when you’re not watching with “Art Mode.” The TV itself comes with a sleek black frame, but they also sell magnetic bezel covers so you can switch up the design as your tastes change. The thing to note is that this TV doesn’t just display art when in “Art Mode,” it intuitively adjusts the brightness of the screen based on the ambient lighting in the room. It’s never been easier to design a room around the television. 

The big boom of home technology has only just begun, but we’ve already got some great choices for every budget. Perhaps the most accessible “high tech” interior design option today is the “smart bulb.” Smart bulbs have a long life span and offer more versatility than your average light bulb. They allow you to change to nearly any color on the spectrum, set timers, control your lighting by remote or even your voice and more. The best part about the smart light bulb is that it works with any light fixture. Again, there’s no need to sacrifice design to get the convenience of a high tech household. 


Multifunctional spaces have always been the big hoorah for small homes. You have to get crafty with only 500 square feet to work with. Let’s face it, the murphy bed was invented for a reason. The kitchen/dining combo or the eat-in kitchen is the age old tale of a room with multi-function. What else is out there? 

With more and more people participating in the work from home style, the more makeshift home offices we’ve seen. Bedrooms, closets, nooks and crannies have all been turned into a home office at one time or another this year. People are getting crafty with the space they have and using every inch of it. 2022 is the year of style meets function.

Bold Textiles

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In 2022, style is getting loud, and in the best way possible. When it comes to textiles– your upholstery, throw pillows and area rugs– the style is bold. We’re talking leather accents, and velvet sofas. We mentioned that the seventies are back and velvet sofas are no exception. Shag area rugs are back and if they’re not shag they get their boldness from their colors and prints. 


Wallpaper was out for quite some time, and though it can be beautiful, we do understand why. The absolute labor of love it is to put up wallpaper has meant it’s faded to the wayside over the years, despite manufacturers keeping up with the trends. This year? Well, people are putting in the work and the results are stunning. Patterns in general are making a big comeback, especially on backsplash and floor tiles. 

Like we said, things move fast out there. So the most important thing when picking interior design pieces for your home is that you like it. You don’t have to be trendy to have a beautifully designed home. You just have to choose the things that you think are beautiful. It really can be as simple as that. Now get out there and start the next trend! Don’t forget to tag us on instagram @CastleWindows when you do. 

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