If it’s time for you to purchase replacement windows, you’re probably here because you’re doing your research. Well, let us introduce ourselves. We are “The Window People,” and you are in the right place. 

You’ve done a thorough inspection around the house and all signs show you need new windows. Since they don’t exactly qualify for the impulse buy, it will take careful consideration before you decide on a style(s) that works for your needs. All in all, it feels like a daunting task. Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be ! We’ve compiled a friendly list of the different window styles and their functions, so you can make an informed decision in 1,000 words or less. 

Double-Hung Windows

At Castle, we offer a variety of different window styles. Double-hung windows are by far the most popular option amongst homeowners. They are beautiful, functional and durable. The double-hung style is a timeless one, but what attracts many people is the easy-clean function. Our double-hung windows feature a tilt-in top and bottom sash that allows for easy cleaning. With a simple tilt, you can clean the inside and the outside of your windows without ever going outdoors. 

These windows are not only double-hung, but they feature double strengthened panes of glass. This means extra security as well as energy efficiency. With dual security locks, an integral full-length interlock system that also enhances the window strength, you can feel safe knowing you made the right choice.

Casement Windows

You’ve probably seen a casement window most often in kitchens, as they offer unobstructed views and are quick to open for when the bacon gets burned. Our Casement windows attach to their frames by one or more hinges at their sides and swing out. All Castle casements feature the security and ease of our multi-point locking system for ultimate security. What makes these windows so versatile, is that they may be installed individually or in multiple combinations. It’s like designing your own casement collection. You can choose from single, double, and of course three or more casement windows.

Slider Windows 

Slider windows can be a great option for taking advantage of wall space and opening up small rooms. With these types of windows, you get more of a view because you’re eliminating the need for some of the frame– this is where form becomes function. A unique way you might use a slider window in the kitchen is as a “pass through” window for outdoor eating. It’s a quick and easy open and close, who could ask for more?

Garden Windows

The ever charming garden window is a favorite among plant lovers, and it’s no secret as to why. Castle’s garden window units are built with casements that operate for added ventilation– this makes for a perfect plant shelf and mini greenhouse. In the kitchen, you’ve got yourself a flourishing and convenient herb garden. 

Bay and Bow Windows

Speaking of charm, bay and bow windows are swimming in it! These particular kinds of windows are great as statement pieces– fitting in perfectly at the front and center of your home. Bay windows are essentially three windows brought together at an angle to expand your views, let in more light, and let’s be real– look beautiful. A bow window is similar in that it’s multiple windows brought together, except that it’s anywhere from four to six windows in an arch.

Awning Windows 

Then there is the awning window– the awning window outwardly swings open with the hinges at the top creating a little pitch or awning between you and the elements. These windows work great for climates with lots of rainfall, though they work seamlessly in any kind of weather. No matter where you live, you won’t regret choosing an awning window!

Basement Hopper Windows 

Since awning windows tilt out and have smaller size options, you’ll often see them in basements, but did you know we have a window made just for that? The basement hopper window is the perfect option for your, you guessed it, basement. Much like an awning window, they open from the top and are great for small spaces. Especially in the lowest level of the home where there’s limited ceiling height. 

Specialty Windows 

Another specialty window option is the transom. A transom is a smaller window set above a door or another larger window. Historically, the purpose of a transom was to allow more air and light to pass through the home, even when the doors were closed. 

They are a great way to bring in light with that old style charm. Both transoms and dead-lites are great options for maximizing the natural light in your home

When it comes to our specialty windows, we can help you add a unique flair to your home. We offer dead-lite windows, which are skylights except that cannot be opened. This might sound less appealing, but many homeowners prefer a dead-lite over a sky light. That rainstorm just won’t feel as cozy if you forgot to close the sky light.  

If you’re still feeling uncertain about which window style is best for you, check out another blog post of ours, 7 Questions to Ask Before Buying New Windows. And no matter where you’re at in the decision making process, our window professionals can offer expert guidance. Give us a call at 1-800-360-4400 to learn more about how we can custom-fit a window solution to your home.

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